Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Little Snow White

Serenity's beautiful Snow White dress from Boutique Ollie Girl (and matching AG doll dress), arrived just in time for Mardi Gras day this year!
But with all the rain we've had I was worried it would get messed up so I didn't let her wear it.

She was a little disappointed, but got over it quickly when she found out none of her little friends would be wearing their costumes either.
I was really looking forward to getting a bunch of parade pictures with Serenity in her Snow White dress though. 

Maybe next year!

Today is National Pancake Day and IHop is giving away a small stack of pancakes per person.
You still have time to get them!
They just ask that you give a donation to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

So Serenity got all dressed up in her Snow White dress and we headed to IHop for some delicious pancakes.
After a little shopping, we took few pictures before heading home.
She got a ton of compliments from people today, and everybody called her Snow White.
That made her day, but she told me, "Mommy I'm not the real Snow White!"

We had a lot of fun taking these Snow White pictures!
I found Serenity's pretty red hooded cape from Originals by Lauren Too at Etsy.
It's handmade from stretchy crushed velvet and perfect for dress up!

I love this one!
She's like, "You gotta be kidding me, I'm not eating this apple!"

Look at that little belly!

Boutique Ollie Girl has the best Princess dresses!
Angela is so incredibly sweet and amazing!
All of her beautiful dresses are so well-made - they will last for years and grow with your child. 

In case y'all were wondering, Serenity's shoes are Snow White Mary Janes from Stride Rite.
They have the cutest little silver apple buckle!

Have Fun!!



Tav said...

Oh, such cute pix!

melifaif said...

Oh, perfect! My lil one wants a Belle themed tea party....going to check them out now! She is adorable...that dress is fantastic.

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