Friday, December 9, 2011

Sophie & Lili AND courtneycourtney!

Serenity's sweet Sophie and Lili doll wearing her look-a-like courtneycourtney dress arrived!

It took a minute for Serenity to realize the doll was wearing the same 5th Birthday dress as hers.

"She looks just like me!"

Then a minute or so later...

"Hey! She's wearing a courtneycourtney dress like MINE!"

She's so silly!

Sophie and Lili and courtneycourtney have TWO dolls you can WIN!

You can enter to win the doll below by clicking HERE, liking Sophie and Lili's page, and then leave a comment.

You can also enter to win this next doll by clicking HERE, liking courtneycourtney's page, and then leave a comment.

I entered both Giveaways!!


Courtneycourtney will have an upload of dress using Sophie and Lili fabric today!

Fabulous dresses like this one:

Check out more dress previews on her FB fan page!

Make sure you're signed up to get courtneycourtney email alerts so you can grab a one-of-a-kind collaboration between courtneycourtney and Sohpie and Lili!

Here's another pictures of Serenity with her new doll.
She's named her Princess Ally.
Last year for Christmas she got Sophie and Lili's sweet Clare doll.
She was happy that Clare now has a sister doll to play with and share secrets!

Have fun!!

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