Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thank you Brianna!

I mentioned before that my Facebook and blog friend Kim (Grow With Me Gifts) and I send our kids back and forth fun things in the mail.

The girls are the same age - Brianna is older by only 4 months.
They feel like they "know" each other because of the all mail correspondence for the last couple of years - and they see each other on Facebook a lot too!
And while I love this digital age more than anything, I think it's very important to keep some things - like old fashion pen pals - except with a modern twist.
Who doesn't like to get things in the mail?!

Serenity send little Brianna the pillow she sewed the other day.
Along with a sewing kit, wand and a picture she drew of herself and Brianna holding hands.

Brinna's surprise came in today and Serenity was beyond thrilled!

She got an adorable little pink castle that grows when you put it in water.
The first thing Serenity did was to fill a "glass" (it's actually plastic) of water and plop that castle in!
She'll probably check it a thousand times every day!

The next thing was a little purse filled with Smacker's lip gloss, cheek gel and nail polish!
And everything GLITTERS!
The fastest way to a 5 year old girl's heart is to give her something that glitters.
But to give her makeup that glitters?
She'll love you FOREVER!!
She looks so serious - concentrating hard to get that lip gloss on just right.

Brianna also sent over a little coloring pad and a cool dolphin hologram bookmark.
Serenity was like, "Look Mommy! They are dancing!"
There was a pack of sour candy in the goodie box too - but she's going to save that for her Daddy when he comes home.
BTW, that's glitter and brownie crumbs all over her face!

Thank you very much Brianna and Kim for the wonderful surprise in the mail!!
Oh and please ignore my child's crazy hair!
It's so hard to keep those pretty little ringlets in her hair after she's been playing all day!

Have Fun!!

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