Monday, September 12, 2011

Tea Party Birthday

Serenity will be turning 5 soon and we are having a tea party birthday at La Tea Da in Thibodaux.

You can find them on Facebook here.

I've been looking around for fun tea party themed supplies and favors.
There is so much cute stuff online!!

Here's some I've found so far:

Tea pot and cup crayons at Posh Paper Creations on Etsy.
Or you can make your own by carefully pre-melting crayons and pouring the wax into these candy molds:

Here's some adorable multiracial Princesses Have a Tea Party fabric for homemade gifts bags.

Here's some cute tea-themed ribbon for the gift bag handles:

Combine the two to make these fun Tea Party themed gift bags!
Use my gift bag tutorial to see how I made them!

In the cell phone picture above, Serenity is holding a little tea cup (set of 6) that I bought on Amazon.
Only $11.19 and FREE shipping w/Prime.
They are the perfect size for little girls!
You can find the matching teapot ($10) here.
FREE shipping w/Prime too!

I also love this play makeup by Mini-Play.
Just like Mommy's!

Or you can make your own - much cheaper if you're doing party favors for 6 little girls!
I've made some before - but mine didn't turn out nearly as nice as this Mommy's set!
She found all her cute supplies at the Dollar Store.
Check out her entire post on her blog, Meet the Dubiens.

I love these cute non-toxic nails polishes by Piggy Paint.
But at $8.99 they are out of my price range.

AllyKats also has non-toxic nail polish for kids.
They peel-off so you don't need to buy nail polish remover.
Affordable at $4.99!

A cute (and inexpensive) pinata at Amazon!

Tea cup cupcake silicone molds with saucers.
These are too fun!
Even I could decorate these cute!

As for cakes, you can find TONS of idea online.
If I wasn't the worst cake decorator in the world, I would try make this "simple" tea pot cake:

I'm still looking around at tea party fun supplies so I may update this post when I come across something new!

Have Fun!


StarryTaurie said...

Such fun ideas! I know it will be a GREAT party!!!

Cindy said...

What she really needs are some petit fours! I can't wait to see more pictures of her and the party. Cindy

Grammy Goodwill said...

What a sweetie pie. I'm sure her tea party will be special.I love those teapot crayons and fabric.

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