Friday, October 29, 2010

HOT DEAL: Otterbox iPod Case ONLY $2.68!

Right now Otterbox is offering their Defender Series iPod Touch cases (2nd and 3rd GEN) for ONLY $2.86!!

Wow! You can't beat that awesome deal!

Regular price is around $29.95!!

This is my case of choice and it's what's on Serenity's iPod right now.

Serenity has dropped her iPod from a shopping buggy with this case on and her iPod wasn't damaged at all!

I've thrown it down on the floor just to prove to people how well the case does exactly what it advertises.

People ask me: "You bought your 3 year old child (she's 4 on Halloween) an iPod?"
Me: "Yep."
People: "You aren't worried that she'll break it?"
Me: "Not at all!"

I look at the iPod as a valuable learning tool for my child - so I don't mind paying $300 for one - especially when I bought an Otterbox to protect it!

I have an Otterbox on my iPhone too - it adds bulk, but at least my (and Serenity's) freakishly expensive little gadget is protected from almost any damage I (or Serenity) can dish out.

I highly recommend getting one for your child's iPod!

Go have a look at my post about Kid-Tested and Approved Apps too!

The sale is apparently over now because Otterbox has the normal price showing again.
That was FAST!
Maybe it was a technical error?
If so, I wonder how many people got that awesome deal before Otterbox noticed?

Have fun!


Unknown said...

otterboxes are serious stuff, my husband is a construction foreman and the things his Blackberry goes through is amazing, it comes through unscathed across the board because of his otterbox! My phone is half the age of his and I don't have an otterbox, his looks much newer. (Although it doesn't help things when your three year old puts peanut butter on your phone and gives it to the dog.)

Joey and Nettifer said...

Thanks for the tip. I just clicked on the link and it is still showing $29.95. is there a code I put in? THanks

greetingarts said...

Oooh, too bad I missed it. That would have been a great score.

I love your posts on the Ipod apps for kids, have you found any new ones recently?

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