Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kid-Tested & Approved iPod Apps

When apps for kids start off at FREE on up, it's kinda hard not to want to try one everyday! As I've blogged about before, I think the iTouch is a wonderful device for kids. The educational Apps that you can get are so incredibly cheap, and they will keep your child occupied and learning for hours!

Ideal for car trips, airplane rides, restaurants, grocery store, etc.

One thing I can't stress enough, is to make sure your child's iTouch is well protected. They will eventually drop it!

The new Otterbox Defender case is now available for only $29.95.

Get one - it works!

For $30 you're keeping a $200 investment well insulated from harm when it's being tossed around and dropped by your toddler/preschooler. Serenity has dropped her iTouch (while it was in the Defender case thank goodness) from shopping carts (several times now) and it's not the least bit damaged! You can't ask for better than that!

The only thing that I might have a small teeny tiny gripe with the Defender case, is that some headphone jacks won't fit with it on. Only jacks that are straight (like on the Kidz Gear and Fisher Price headphones), not the ones with bent jacks like the Caliphone headphones. I have used an adapter for Serenity's Panda Caliphones since they are so comfortable for her to use and it works fine.

Okay, now on to the new Apps Serenity has tested and approved of recently!

Miss Spider's Tea Party ($4.99) - This is one that she plays everyday since I've loaded it on her iTouch. So much to do with this App. There is a wonderful story about Miss Spider looking for a bug to have tea with her (they are scared of her 'cause she's a spider after all!), an interactive story that's lots of fun, and games like memory match, puzzles and painting. Definitely a good buy!

Olivia (2.99) - Another favorite of Serenity's. We got it when it was first introduced for only 99¢. Lots of fun painting, and then the paintings become animated. All right!

Super Why (2.99) - This one is a little advanced for Serenity, but that doesn't matter to her - she still thinks it's a blast to play. First you pick your Super Hero character, then you learn to spell (and write) in a interesting way. It teaches her to listen to a story and then find the correct answers. She's having fun with it, even if she doesn't get every one right.

Rosita's Jump Count (1.99) - This one is too funny. Learn to count in Spanish while playing jump rope. It's so cute to watch Serenity jump while playing this App!

K-Magic (FREE) - All of K-Magic's Apps are wonderful and FREE! Serenity likes playing them - and you just can't beat free!

iWash My Dogs Lite (FREE) - A silly little App. First you "wash" the dog, then you "rinse", "dry" and last you "brush" the dog until it's "all sparkly clean" like Serenity says! If you buy the App you'll get more dogs - but for toddlers and preschoolers I think the free App is just fine to keep them interested.

Kid's Maze (99¢) - A neat labyrinth game that helps them to count and teaches hand/eye coordination. It takes some concentration and it holds her attention.

BalloonMaker (99¢) - Cute, fun, and what kid can resist balloons? Touch the screen to blow up a balloon - touch the balloon to pop it. Turn the iTouch to watch the balloons "float" to the top too!

Bert's Bag ($2.99) - Use your finger to open the bag, shake the iTouch to make the bag dump the stuff inside, then touch the objects to count them. Kids have to learn to listen to directions, and it teaches them how to count. Another fun interactive educational game.

Fish School (99¢) - Tap the screen to get the fish to form different letters, then a woman's pleasant voice "sings" out each letter. Touch the letters in the left-hand corner and the narrator tells you what the letter stands for: J is for jellyfish. Cute game.

Make A Martian (FREE) - create your own Martian! Hundreds of options! Lots of FREE fun!

Count TV ($2.99) - Sesame Street's The Count goes through 9 different interactive Sesame Street videos (some from really old shows) and teaches your child to count up to nine. Very entertaining!

Alphabet Tracing (FREE) - Follow a tiny train with your finger to trace over each letter. Great little FREE program!

Glow Coloring (FREE) - So neat! Change neon colors, use stamps, use your own pictures, and more. You can pay 99¢ to remove the ads too. The ads aren't all that annoying - besides it's FREE!

Mega Jump (99¢) - Crazy, wacky game that you tilt side to side to move the little guy and collect coins so he can jump high. The more coins you collect the higher he jumps. Takes a little getting used to (for me not Serenity), but quickly becomes addicting.

Nick Jr.'s A to Z ($1.99) - Serenity loves everything Nick Jr. so this one was a no-brainer. I knew when I saw it she'd be hooked! Find hidden letters - big and small, plenty enough on this game to keep your preschooler playing for hours.

The Cat in the Hat ($2.99) - A classic book now available for the iTouch! Your child can have the book read to her and when she touches different things in the picture, words pop up and the narrator reads them to your child. A wonderful way to learn new sight words.

Team Umizoomi ($1.99) - Nick Jr.! Of course Serenity loves this one too. Learn patterns and shapes. Lots to do and lots of fun!

That's all this time. I'll probably have more posts like this one in the future since I love finding new Apps and so does Serenity!

In response to one follower's question: Serenity's iPod usually has around 7 full pages of Apps, it'll hold 9 pages, but I tend to take off Apps she doesn't play often - after I've okayed it with her first! One page is full of Apps that came with the iTouch and you can't take them off (unless you jailbreak it).

Each page holds 16 Apps, and even if you subtract the 16 of Apps that come with the device, that's still 96 Apps! Apps won't take up all that much room on an iTouch so you could probably put 9 full pages and still have plenty of room for other stuff. Nine full pages of Apps is a whapping 144 Apps!

Serenity's iTouch is a 16GB (we actually switched with my MIL for the bigger iTouch when she got an iPhone), and I've put videos, music, movies, and TV shows on there too. It's packed!

Have fun!


Katie said...

Cute pics of Serenity. Love the swimsuit!

greetingarts said...

I love these kid App reviews. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

thank u for the apps info.. im always looking for new FREE ones. just a question do u keep all the apps in her ipod? cuz im thinking just to do few at a time.. seems like my girl plays with the same over and over again.. also im getting movies out she only wants to watch cars now.. lol.. she just turn 3..

Allison Paulson said...

I have featured you on my new craft blog that I just started... go check it out!
Oh and make sure to grab a button and follow me! :)

Its So Very Cheri said...

Oh I am going to have to check these out for my 2 little ones.


I cam by to post to your party--what time do you post it?


polwig said...

I love my otter box and since I drove off with the phone on to of my car twice my husband loves it to. The apps we use is ItotCards, flashcards for toddlers (you can change the language to spanish or french from english of course), we also use the free version of BabySmart and Colorful Aquarium free version. My kids are only 2 (twins)so they don't need it too complicated

Katie said...

where did you post your apron dress? i've looked everywhere! I love the apron skirt, very cute, you did a great job!

etitameh said...

You've probably already done this by now, but just in case: you can make a little 'folder' of sorts for those unremoveable apps (not to mention any others you want grouped together). Just tap and hold one until it starts to 'jiggle' (like you would to move or remove it), then drag it on top of another app you want in the same folder. A new folder will be created for them, and you can drag other apps (up to 12) into it whenever you like.

I realize that sticking things in folders on your kiddo's Touch might make it harder for her to get to the ones she already knows and likes, but at least it can clear up the 'man, I wish I could delete this Stocks app!' clutter. :)

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