Friday, April 2, 2010

iTouch: Cases & Games

Serenity's had her iTouch for a while now and loves playing on it. I listed a few of the games she's already tried in my An iTouch for a 3 year old? post, but I thought I'd give y'all an update and list a few more games she's tried (and likes), a new case, and the screen protector I think is the best value.


Itsy Bitsy Spider (99¢) - I've listed this one before, but it's worth repeating. This is a whole lotta game for only 99¢! Tons of interactive features and Serenity loves playing it over and over!

Sally's Spa ($2.99) - I got this for my iPhone and Serenity wanted it too. It didn't cost anything extra. She's able to do the easy levels pretty good and she's totally hooked.

Doodle Buddy (FREE) - Another free drawing app, but she likes this one better than Scribble Lite.

How To Train Your Dragon Mix & Match Book ($2.99) - She has lots of fun playing with this one. You mix and match the dragon parts to put a little twist to the story!

DizzyBee (FREE) - Very challenging and she likes how you have tilt the iTouch to get that fat little Bee to move!

Where's Gumbo? (FREE) - She plays along and shouts out when she finds Gumbo.

Cookie Doodle (99¢) - Another one I see her playing pretty often. She concentrates very hard too!

Weet Woo! ($3.99) - She's getting to be pretty good at scrolling through all the fun kid's videos with this program. It doesn't work without a WiFi connection so I put it on my iPhone too (no extra costs).

Five Little Monkeys (99¢) - What can I say? This one is addicting! She likes singing the song and the cool interactive features.

Bayou Beats (FREE) - It's free and it's about Princess Tiana - enough said!

Signing Time ($4.99) - I've had some of the Signing Time videos for a couple of years - she's always loved watching them. She's known the sign for "eat" since she was around 7 months old. She thinks it's really neat that it's on her iTouch now!

Dress Up With Angelina Ballerina (99¢) - Another one she's addicted to. Lots of fun to dress up Angelina - tons of clothing combinations!

Traffic Rush (FREE) - She saw me playing and had to have it too. Fun to play!

Colorama (99¢) - This coloring app has so many coloring pages (with the option to buy more "books" for 99¢) and plenty of colors. She likes this one a lot too!


I mentioned the pink Speck PixelSkin case that I bought for Serenity's iTouch, but when I saw the iTouch Defender Series by Otterbox I can't wait until it's available! It's the perfect case for young children!

While looking around at the different Otterbox cases on Amazon, I came across the Otterbox Semi-Rugged Skin for the iTouch 2G. It must be discontinued because I didn't see in on the Otterbox website. The Semi-Rugged skin covers a lot more area than the Speck PixelSkin. I read on the reviews that it will fit an iTouch 3G too so I bought it.

It fits great! It's well-made, a little snugger than the PixelSkin and covers more area. I just wish I could've found it in more colors than white.

Both the PixelSkin and the Semi-Rugged Skin offer pretty good protection for the iTouch with a low and reasonable price-tag.

Screen Protectors:

Until I can get my hands on the iTouch Defender, Serenity's iTouch has to have a screen protector. I blogged before about the Belkin screen protectors and I have to say they did a good job, but they are expensive. I paid over $10 for a 3-pack at Target.

Serenity went through that small pack in no time. She scratched at them, touched them when her hands were dirty, and even scratched at a few bubbles I couldn't get out. She didn't damage the iTouch - so they certainly did their job protecting the screen.

Well after going through those so fast, I started hunting around for something cheaper. I found a 12-pack of screen protectors by Screen Guard on Amazon for only $4.28 and free shipping!
That's an awesome deal so I bought 2 12-packs. Not bad - less than $9 for 24 screen protectors.

Oh! And I know it's listed for a 2G iTouch - but they will fit the 3G too.

The screen protectors were very easy to apply (I didn't have any bubbles!) and so far it's doing a good job protecting Serenity's iTouch from, well - Serenity!

I hope y'all found this helpful!

POST-IT-NOTE: I bought the Screen Guard protectors pretty cheap for my iPhone too!

Have fun!


Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Love it! My son is 6 months and already is obsessed with my blackberry! I'll have to bookmark this post so I can refer to it in a few years!!

MARCIA said...

This is s a very helpful post for me. Thank you for sharing!

Amy said...

Thanks, I love it when you pass on apps your 3 year old likes.

Bird said...

Hi Angie,

Just to remind you that there a Party Link Party over at Bird Crafts! If you have any DIY Party posts, then feel free to link up! :)


Mandy @ mintnclandycreate said...

Thanks!!! We are thinking of doing this for our little guy. This is really helpful!

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