Sunday, April 26, 2009

Diaper Cakes by Paiger

I love finding interesting and unique things people make, sell and blog about on the internet - but not just the internet. 
My baby sister Paige makes really cute diaper cakes and I wanted to show off her pretty creations. 
She's made a few of them so far for friends and family, but I think she should try selling them too! 
I'm trying to convince her to start a blog and call it Paiger's Bootiques (her last name is Boudreaux) - cute, huh? 
But she doesn't have to call it that! 

We'll see!

To make her cakes, she uses one 96 pack of Size 1 Pampers Swaddlers. 
You can find them on with for only $23.33 and free shipping. 
The Swaddlers are her favorite diaper to use because they smell so good (like baby powder) and they don't have any designs or cartoon characters on them. 
I find that makes her diaper cakes much prettier than most - and of course all the time and care she gives to the smallest detail! 
For example, every single one of the diapers in her cakes can be used! She doesn't use a single pin - so no diapers are messed up while making the cake. 

Very nice! 

Everyone knows that new Mothers need lots of diapers!

Three different views of this very girly cake:

She also adds (inside and outside) toys, clothes, teething rings, pasifiers, flowers, ribbon and just whatever else she thinks will make the cake beautiful. 
She can make a very fancy, three tier cake that is packed full with all kinds of baby stuff...

Here's one I helped her make for a friend of mine's baby shower:

Paige even made the pretty baby tutu on top of the cake using my NO-SEW tutu tuorial!

Or she can make a simple cake with just a few toys and flowers (for those on a budget), but rolled differently so it still a very pretty and unique cake.

Like this one:

Here is a diaper cake for a someone expecting a baby boy (I helped her make this one too!):

And here's another beautiful diaper cake for someone on a budget:

She also makes little Diaper "cupcakes" - perfect for someone who can't afford to spend too much but still wants to give a very unique and special baby gift. 
This one is made with a little prayer bunny, a few diapers with a couple of onesies inside, and a swaddling blanket. 

Too cute!

I helped her make this too!

Right now Paige makes her cakes for just friends and family and doesn't charge us for all the hard work she puts into her beautiful cakes, but maybe she'll be selling them soon and start a blog to showcase her creations. 

Hope you enjoyed looking at Paige's pretty diaper cakes!

Have fun!


crystal_crtr2 said...

Tell Paige to hop to it! Those are super cute! She could make money selling those on etsy.

site said...

Your diaper cakes look so creative!

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